Inclusive imagination for the unbound

At Limitless, we know the power of the imagination. Throughout time, it’s been the most enduring and reliable force in creating new realities, fostering understanding, and pushing humanity forward. We believe in its unique ability to transform lives and propel people to heights previously deemed unfathomable. Imagination unlocks the unknown.

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OmoBerry leverages high-quality 3D animation and original music to produce diverse and inclusive content for young audiences across the globe.  OmoBerry’s curriculum-based episodes and songs cover a wide range of educational topics, cross-cultural experiences, and self-esteem building.


OmoBerry universe cast — characters stand together happy with a cityscape background

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We speak to the community from the community. We are not distant, removed, or above our audience in our communications. Rather, we partner with communities to ensure our words carry the hallmarks of empathy, relatability, and honesty. Our boldness and audaciousness are tempered by our nimble and adaptable approach to telling affecting stories. While holding our cool and sharp intellect, we never forget the warmth and heartfelt aspect of storytelling.

Furthermore, we leverage our cultured and innovative personality to unlock the potential of those still seeking permission to dream. Limitless is more than an entertainment and media company. It’s where dreams come to life. It’s where anything is possible.

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